Want your customers to enjoy your store ambience, have a great brand perception and buy more while shopping? Try our tailor-made Store Music Services customised for your shoppers and business.


Store Music Can Significantly Boost Your Sales

Have you ever imagined having your exclusive radio station for your business such as a retail shop, shopping mall, a cafe, restaurant, bar or any kind of venue?
K-Radio unit gives you an opportunity to have your branded radio station but within your budget. The Store Music station allows you to engage, inform and interact with your visitors and potential customers within your own premises. The best thing about it is that you can easily adjust, customize and configure it according to the needs of your business. You can choose the type of music, announcements and anything that you wish to play and share with your potential customers. As it is exclusively for your business, it is only broadcast within your targeted premises and does not broadcast the advertisements from your competitors.

How K-Radio Can Help You?

Our Store Music solutions can provide you with custom Store Music for your specific needs, scale and budgets. With our own range of proprietary streaming application, equipment and software to support your Store Music broadcasting, we simplify the whole process giving you an opportunity to incorporate this service in every location with affordable, tailor-made packages. Our customer dashboard enables you to easily manage your Store Music with customized playlists, prayer times, in-house offers and promotions and any tactical announcements which you may need to share with your customers in the store.

Upgrade your retail

environment with our Store

Music Solutions

Why Does Your Business Needs Store Music?

Make a great impression on your customers, uplift your brand image, offer a more relaxing environment and deliver custom messages to your potential buyers and convey your special offers and discounts through an impressive sensory experience with our Store Music services!

When you are planning your Store Music, you can consider these things to enhance its effects:

• Create custom playlists based on the taste and preferences of your customers
• Create trending songs, instrumental music, seasonal content, festive music etc.
• Broadcast internal offers and promotions to in-store customers who can act on it immediately.
• Suspend and resume the music at pre-determined prayer times
• Make In-store announcements to promote and facilitate customer shopping experience


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