Whether you are looking to start a podcast from scratch or you already have one but you want to up your game, we can help.
We will develop the concept, write the script, do the casting and couching, record, edit and publish for you Podcast as a premium content. Whole process is designed to add maximum value to Client’s communication.
Our studio in Dubai is here to help you deliver a podcast experience that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish, with proper quality and turnaround speed. We also designed tailored made approach where we can bring the whole setup to your premises and record Podcast


  • 2 episodes
  • Podcast concept + podcast format
  • Episode video & audio recording including equipment
  • Editing
  • Dedicated Podcast Coordinator


  • 4 episodes
  • Everything from the "Lite" package
  • Guest management & schedulling
  • Guest interview & questions
  • 12 pieces of video, audio, photo content per episode
  • Content distribution strategy


  • 4 episodes
  • Everything from "Pro" package
  • Concept development, pilot script episode, episode storyboard, podcast format
  • Branding of the podcast
    (logo, graphics, cover artwork, description)
  • Guest outreach
    (we look for guests and bring them to your podcast)
  • Smart editing
    (Storytelling editing, advanced animations, advanced trailer)
  • Additional 12 pieces of content (total 24 per episode)