What Are the Best Social Media Distribution Channels for 2019?

Social media marketing tactics have been a rollercoaster in recent years as people shift between which platforms are the most engaging, user-friendly, and trustworthy, and new apps are developed every day. It’s difficult for social media marketers to keep up with all of these shifts. So how can you know the best social media distribution […]

Digital Transformation Isn’t A Product; It’s A Lifestyle

You can’t buy digital transformation from a vendor, and you won’t find it on a stock keeping unit (SKU). So, if someone shows up with a quote and says you can achieve digital transformation for $100,000 or $1 million, tread carefully. Digital transformation is tough work that never ends. You can’t buy it, and you […]

7 ways to accelerate digital transformation success

Strategic digital transformation is moving beyond IT to impact the entire enterprise, modernizing how companies work, compete, and grow in the digital economy, according to Altimeter’s annual State of Digital Transformation report, released Thursday. “We’re shifting from a ‘digital’-focused approach toward digital transformation to one where digital is an enabler for purposeful enterprise-wide transformation and innovation,” Altimeter […]

How an AI beauty store brings personalized shopping to Dubai

The unmanned virtual store from startup lululab uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized skincare solutions. Beauty startup lululab, a Samsung spin-off, introduced its artificial intelligence (AI)-based Beauty Store last week in Dubai Mall, according to a Monday press release. The AI Beauty Store is an unmanned virtual shop combining AI and big data tech to bring […]

Foodshala Kids Season 2

The Region’s biggest Inter-school Cooking Reality Show has now hit the air with its most impressive season ever shot in the most amazing location of Bollywood Parks & Resorts. With over 55 top schools competing to be in the league rounds and only 12 of them actually making it to the elimination stage – we […]

9 Tactics for a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies communicate at the social, personal and emotional level to have an impact on a customer’s decision making. The success of your marketing campaign is also dependent on how well you understand social media platforms. Facebook is the most popular and influential social networking platform out there. Do you want to miss the opportunity […]


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